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If you've ended up here, then 'Hello!'. This isn't an active website per se, it's just a holding page to link to whatever mini-projects I'm working on - it might be some code, it might just be some writing - I've done NaNoWriMo a couple of times, but I've also been studying Python lately too. The point being that this is not a full, coherent website, which is regularly up but at least it's HTML 5 compliant. If you'd like some more current content from me, take a look at

Brightblack Classic

The original site ran from 1996 to 2008. I've been carefully and somewhat lovingly restoring it to be HTML5 compliant and generated by Pelican for this modern world, but kept some of the graphics as was. Some of it is almost cringe inducing, and that doesn't include the sheer number of typos which survived so many years and revisions. Some pages have commentary on them to provide some context, but it's ongoing. I'll put it up when it's human readable.

Brightblack Current

There are a few pages which I've written in the last few years which just didn't sit right on the blog, so they're presented here:

Mobile Purchases - Summer 2014

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