2019 - April

Updates in consecutive months? What is this fresh insanity? A shoulder injury means I'm resting it more, so I'm using the time to update and fix a few things.

  • Finally fixed the current menu page to correctly list items chronologically. That it wasn't is really correct was due to a silly error I'd made in the Twig templating code that Grav uses, but as far as I can tell, that's fixed now. I'll apply that to the Classic menus as I go along.
  • I installed the Grav plugin to generate RSS feeds. Whilst the site doesn't really lend itself to a feed, I've set it up just for these updates as I'm a big believer and user of RSS. Expect a front page link in a few days.
  • Updated Grav to 1.6.1, which seems to have been a lot of heavy lifting on their part, and so far painless on my side, which is how we like it here! The main change structually on my side was the PHP requirement moving to 7.1.3, but since they made everyone aware of that in the road map a year ago, I've long since had that in place. Let's hope this train is as smooth as 1.5.

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