New Content. Really? OK, maybe sometimes I write new things though to be honest, not so often, but if I do, then it's here.

Currently using - December 2018 Dec 2018

On this page there's just a bit on what equipment we're running right now. It's all to meet requirements and geared towards value for money.

What's New in December 2018?

I replaced the 6+ yr old Crucial m4 256GB SSD in the Windows desktop with a new Samsung 860 EVO 1TB which was on sale. This means I can fit video edit projects on the SSD instead of the spinning disk, as well as some more games. Also, my cheap 4.5yr old Thinkpad died the true death. I won't be replacing that for a while unfortunately. On the software side, I dumped Premiere Elements 14 in favour of BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve 15, mainly on performance, and that I find the layout and workflow of Resolve seems to make more sense to me.

Mobile Setup 2014 Sep 2014

Mobile Setup 2014

My mobile setup doesn't change very often. My iPhone 4 was three years old in August, my old Core Duo MacBook (2006) died last year, and I was ready to replace it.