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This page is the gateway to my Masters' degree thesis. It was researched roughly from Dec. 1995 to March 1996, before being submitted in late April 1996. Because this was several years ago, some of the things in it already look a bit 'dated' - trust me, I am only too aware of this. Remember, Windows 95 had just been released when I first started this! Certainly as I sit here re-assembling this work of almost 7 years ago, on this Dual G4 867 Mac, some of the content seems so out of date, but to be fair, at the time, I think a lot of it was spot on, and some ahead of it's time, and I'd like to think that many of the things I called for have only recently started to appear commercially. If I have a single, realistic regret, it is that the Faculty office refused to let me submit this as a file, digitally, rather than as a bunch of paper bonded together in a nasty blue hardback cover.

This was originally written in AmiPro 3 in 1995/1996 on a 486/66 in Windows 95. The diagrams were drawn either in Ami-Pro or using CorelDraw 4. However, this version has been through a bit on it's way here! The Ami-Pro version was converted to ClarisWorks (aka AppleWorks) version 5, then dumped down to HTML using CW's translator. From there (and from here on) I'm using Barebones' BBedit 7. Originally my plan was to tidy all the code up, but in reality, I've just ripped the text out and re-set it in HTML4.01/CSS based pages, which I'm hoping will help seperate the content from the structure a little more. Unlike the text, the original CorelDraw drawings were dumped, as I couldn't get them into another application reliably at the time and I've since re-created the ones here using Flash and OmniGraffle, which has turned out to be a good decision in terms of ease of use.

As an additional acknowledgement, I'd like to thank Ted Nelson and the Xanadu legend for their ideas, as well as the writing of the late Thomas Paine for their inspiration when I was writing this originally.

I was a student at the Nottingham Trent University, living life to excess in a great city in the heart of England. If you read this and have no idea what I'm waffling on about, or think I'm just dead wrong, then fair enough - I think that's the essence of a thesis in some ways. But I guess, that's just how it should begin and end.

Also, please be aware that I've released this onto the net under a Creative Commons license, so give it a read before using anything on this website, and especially in this section.


This report investigates the philosophies and tools behind Concurrent Engineering and compares and contrasts them against the product delivery cycle of a real international blue chip company - Rank Xerox. It draws source material from both theory and practical sources including journals, case studies as well as fact-finding visits to Rank Xerox's manufacturing plant at Mitcheldean UK. The report then goes on to derive possible routes to improvement via moving towards more concurrent engineering based approaches. It concludes that Concurrent Engineering is more than a buzz-word and can be a valuable tool for companies, acting as a linking bond between people, processes and technology.

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With Hindsight - April 2018

So this is a page to introduce my Thesis from print in 1996 to my website online sometime around 2002 I think. As I note, I always wanted to submit this as HTML at the time, but the rules were to print. My take on the changing formats shows why this was an issue, and since then, I've moved most of the text to newer, open document formats, and tried to recreate the diagrams as close to the print copy I have as possible, again in open format tools. I never could find the original Corel Draw files though. Flash as a diagram system? What was I thinking with that?