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The author would like to thank the following people: Mum, Dad, Deb, Vince and Muppet for their encouragement and patience over the last five years.

Tim, Tim, Tim (you know who you are) and Richie for all the 'studying' in The Newcastle Arms. It's your round.

Mayumi, for the good times and for getting me vaguely organised enough to finish this course - almost a miracle in itself. I still can't beat your Tetris score.

All my friends from my time here at the Nottingham Trent University ('91-'96), both students and staff alike, for making it such a memorable period, especially those on my course, M.Eng year of '96.

John and Judith at The Etherington Arms, for the job and improving the beer in my village.

Everyone in Rank Xerox Mitcheldean not only for their help in this report, but also for the great placement year ('93-'94).

My housemates over the past five years for their tolerance of my little quirks.


This report was prepared on an i486 DX2-66 PC running Windows '95 in 8Mb. The text and minor diagrams were composed on Ami-Pro 3.0 with the more complex diagrams being prepared on CorelDRAW 4.0. It was printed through an Epson Stylus 800+ mono bubblejet. Typefont is Times New Roman.

The author would also like to thank the manufacturers of the following products for their part in this report: Guinness, Nescafe Decaffeinated, Virgin Cola, Wired magazine, Tetris and all the chili producers around the world.

Thanks also to the following bands for their music, used to pacify me through this reports final stages: Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alanis Morissette, Ry Cooder, X-files theme, Blues Brothers and Queensrhyche.

To my family, for their vision, patience and encouragement.

The author would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their help in the researching and writing of this report: Dr. Malcolm Swannell and Dr. David Swetnam at The Nottingham Trent University, and John Overbury and Mark Hoole-Jackson at Rank Xerox.

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