The Peripheral Page v1

logitech stick

Logitech Wingman 3D Extreme Digital If you have a game like Freespace 2, then you need a good joystick, and this one represents great value for money. It has a good solid feel, and the drivers offer many presets for many popular games. The directional hat is also a big advantage for looking around in cockpits.

pci hub

PCi 8 Port 100Mb LAN hub If you're going to have 3 PCs all running off the internet, it's not essential to have 100Mb available, but hell, it's cheap enough now, you may as well, and it makes a huge difference when transferring big iso files and such.

Canon Ixy

Canon IXY AiAF Digital Camera A great, small digital camera, which still manages a reasonable price and pretty good picture quality. Certainly for web destined images, it was a great investment, and the small size means I can take it most places. It's already proved to be very useful - especially for this website.

Linksys Router

LinkSys Router 8 port router, 100Mb, Firewall, QoS, PPPoE - the whole works...and it does work! Easy, non OS dependant web interface and works beatuifully with my NTT ADSL modem. If you want to go broadband, don't plug your modem into just 1 PC - use this!