Error Title

All I can say is that these are all real - none of them are Photoshopped. In fact, if you're (un)lucky you may be able to repeat them. They're just run of the mill examples of the fact that maybe sometimes UI designers, programmers, and who knows who else, maybe want to throw us something a little different.


iTunes Loses Files; Can't talk about it.

Like a lot of people, I've been bitten by a problem syncing my iPod to my Mac, in that I see the following error, and the sync stops wherever it was.

Cannot Find File

For me, after a bit of tinkering I found it seemed to not like one of my photos very much, towards the end of the sync, and if I get a few more minutes to take a look at it, I'll figure it out, but really, what kind of an error message is that? It knows what files caused it to stop, so why won't it tell me what it is? Tsk. Insecurity and fear of loss of job seem to strike again.

Vista File Copies Whilst I'm on the topic of odd and fairly unhelpful dialog boxes, here's one I got on my Vista box trying to copy a few files over the network:

Yes or No

Apparently, the right answer to copy is 'Yes', but honestly, where's the logic on this one? I can only think they're asking whether they see copy and move as a single activity, but since there's no follow-up to this question, I can't elaborate on it.

From 2003

Secrets in MS I decided to do a search from the Microsoft press page, just looking for logos, press packs and such, I clicked on a link something you don't expect when looking for information on products.

MS Listing

Exchange So there I am, minding my own business, so to speak, attempting simply to install the Exchange 5.5 Administration Tools on my Windows machine, when Outlook makes this complaint:

Outlook 1

OK, it seems pretty confident in it's own abilities right, and there's not much more of a choice I can think of, so why not - lets trust Microsoft to fix their own problem - what could possibly happen?

Outlook 2

Oh, hang on, this is a Microsoft [OK]? It's not 'OK' really, no. Still, that little run in could have been a lot worse.

Yahoo Messenger It's not just Windows though, I went away from my Mac for a few minutes, only to return to see this message - my Mac seems to have some kind of warped, split personality, requiring it to have some kind of internal debate and disagreement:

Yahoo Error