Words about the Web

We all know the web, don't we. Hell, if we didn't, then you wouldn't be reading this now!! There are many issues relating to the web, from pornography to bandwidth. I can't hope to even cover 1% of this in this page, but I just wanted to put on-line some of the things that can be a bit annoying when you're on-line. This isn't really a negative page; overall, I love the Web, and wouldn't (couldn't ?) be without it, but sometimes, well, it can get on your nerves. By the way, I'm sure that some of these things, I've been guilty of myself at some point, so apologies in advance.

Bad Interface Design Syndrome

It's when you go to that site whose design seemed to be done by somebody who just doesn't care that you've only got a 28.8 modem and limited time to work out what's going on. I'm talking about the site with such a poor interface design you end up spending most of your time trying to work out where the hell the information you want is. Probably one of the most abused HTML features have to be frames. Sometimes they're really well used to offer a constant menu down one side which is really useful. Sometimes they split the screen into seven so if you're using a 640x480 screen you end up with a grid of small windows, all with scroll bars.Nintendo USA are guilty of this. Usually frames are just slow and pointless.

Features ... Because We Can!

Those web sites which are exploding with Java applets and even worse - MIDI soundtracks!! Now some people aren't bad when it comes to making quality MIDI tracks, my old pal Nagaman , uses it with some skill. However, there are a number of sites who have looping MIDI files which sound like they've been recorded by me when I'm drunk, with a bag over my head. The award for 'Why?' in the features category must go to the scrolling text message at the bottom of the browser. Now, I like to use JavaScript and the 'status window' to describe links, but when you have a scrolling 'hello' message, it gets a bit silly. To start with, it gets interrupted by link names and download status anyway, so it's really hard to read, so why do it?! Another thing is with all the new dynamic HTML, style sheets and all - these can be useful, but someone needs to tell Netscape to just relax a little bit. (You may only see the five or six tab-menu's with IE4 and Communicator).

Link Mania

Have you been caught in a link circle? This is where you maybe see a link that sounds good, and follow it, only to find out that there's another link, and no real content to look at, and you find yourself chasing links round in circles, and all you've been shown about 300 adverts in the process. Also, there are those sites which are just links to other sites, but make it look as if it's their content. Sickening. If I only wanted links, I'd go to Yahoo!. I know that the source of HTML is to link (as I did there with Yahoo), but I'm talking about lists of links, to make it look as if there is a lot of content on the site.

Best Viewed on ...

I haven't seen as many of these recently, but they still do exist, and I was guilty up until a few months ago. Those button GIF's from Microsoft and Netscape saying "get me NOW!". I can understand the use of buttons for links, because they provide a recognisable brand, but why do these browser ad buttons have to be accompanied by 'best viewed in IE/Netscape'. Surely in a HTML standards world, they should look about the same?