microsoft windows 2004

January 2004

Well, Microsoft just managed to keep their promise of no critical updates during December, only to be slammed in late January with the MyDoom series of viruses, which has kept most of the anti-virus companies on their toes. Of note is that XP SP2 is due soon, and looks to boost firewall and security but also patches up IE to include pop-up blocking. I wonder how long we'll wait for tabs? Also, Mozilla 1.6 came out - again, a little bit faster, but no massive speed jump this time - I hope Firebird 0.8 is close behind. Not much else to say this month, but that's not to say it's a bad month - stability was good, downtime was low.

December 2003

End of another year - same OS, but the box got a new mobo and CPU, which has speeded it up, and of course, a new graphics card. It's been a so-so year for games - Generals: Zero Hour is excellent, Generals was excellent; I still play Counter-Strike a fair amount, though interest is waning (especially after they half-baked it into of Steam). Enter the Matrix was a complete disaster in my opinion on the PC, it just didn't play well at all - it seemed to be an OK game trapped in a terrible engine and control method - maybe the console versions were better. I think this is maybe why I spend less time on my PC than I used to - the games just aren't there at the moment - no Half-Life 2, no Doom 3, and very few decent other games that I'm interested in - maybe 2004 will be better. However, it's good that more decent UNIX and Linux tools are arriving for Windows, and that Microsoft have got some pretty good freebies too.