This is just a collection of micro-reviews of films I've seen. They're likely not new films (but some may be), and most likely B movies I found cheap in the DVD rental shop...

March 2007

The Wicker Man (1973)

A very tight and well made view of the clash of beliefs, and modern sexually charged paganism in a Christian society well played by Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward. Rating: Worth looking for IMDB.

February 2007

DOA (Dead or Alive)

A game of the movie saved by savvy producers who know people want to see hot martial arts chicks, and a bit of beach volleyball rather than hammy acting - though there's plenty of that too. Very 'Enter the Dragon' meets 'Charlie's Angels'. It doesn't take itself too seriously. Rating: Better than a kick in the shins.

Alone in the Dark

If you wondered what happened to Christian Slater, this is it. An awful, slow, boring, pretentious piece of rubbish based on a not bad video game by the infamous Uwe Boll, whose talent seems to be in persuading usually half decent actors to star in his dire films, because it certainly isn't making them. Rating Raving rabid turkey.