For the last few months, my 5 year old Asus RT-AC68U wifi router has been dropping connections. I tried management channel changes, checking for local interference in the house or with other wi-fi networks, and eventually did some signal checks with NetSpot.

Finally it seems that the whole signal was dropping off a cliff increasingly often, leaving pages not loading and in some cases devices being disconnected. I tried aerial adjustments and a other things, but to no avail.

So, I needed a new wi-fi setup. Wifi6 is here but expensive and I wanted something with some of that new fangled mesh technology for the house devices, which I can add to later, so after reading reviews and checking the bank account, I’ve gone for the TP-Link Deco M5 (x2). They’re small, inconspicuous, or at least not obnoxious in design, and the devices and app got good reviews wherever I looked. They’re ac / wi-fi 5(?), but that’s fine because all of my stuff is too and likely will be for a while. They’re now installed and so far performance seems fine for my simple wi-fi needs, though I did set up the optional wired ethernet backhaul channel which should help. Full review later.