I seem to be running out of Raspberry Pis compared to the number of small projects I’m using them in. As it is, my Pi3 is torn between Kodi/LibreELEC and some animatronic duty, and the Pi2 is being used in my wi-fi car which is currently a live project.

That’s why at some point I need to buy a Pi4!

I also wanted to bring back my Pi-Hole, which used to be on the Pi2. What to do? Well what I’ve done is re-install Raspberry Pi OS Lite and then Pi-Hole on my ancient Pi 1B, and so far it seems to be working fine, no heating or load issues as far as I can tell, so it feels good to get some more functionality out of that.

From what I’ve seen in the last 10 days is that temps run from around 49 - 53 °C, and the memory usage from around 10-15%, at least when I load up the admin screen; I’ll try to get some passive numbers for how it’s running when I’m not looking at the web admin page. For scale, it’s serving DNS responses for 10-15 clients at any time.

Currently, it’s rejecting around 10% of requests, which might actually be down on the last time I had it spun up.